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Custom Fine Art by
Ricky Dean
"Hello, I'm Ricky Dean and I work with individuals and businesses to turn their everyday environments into beautiful and inspiring spaces. Welcome to Ricky Dean Fine Art."
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  1. The Good Shephard
    This digital abstract hides images of hope and redemption.
    The Good Shephard

Ricky Dean Wyrick

Award Winning Fine Art Photographer & Digital Artist

Ricky Dean's creative approach to mixing technology with traditional art enables him to create unique eye-catching works of art, while customizing them to a specific desired style.

Through hours of digital exploration, he has designed a digital enhancement process that closely resembles the softness of a hand brushed oil painting, yet maintains the finer details of a digital photograph. This "brushing process" is extreemely customizable, enabling Ricky to fine tune a digital image before it is printed to canvas.

But printing Ricky's masterfully created digital images on high quality canvas is only the beginning. Using traditional art methods, Ricky hand paints each of his custom canvases with acrylic paint and mediums, enhancing the vibrancy of the colors and protecting the longevity of the art.

Can't wait to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions?